Spanish cuisine

Learn to cook a Spanish feast with all the trimmings! You will be delving into spanish gastronomy and tasting the flavours that are the foundations of this rich cuisine whilst learning about the produce and traditions of the different regions.

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  • 122 min
  • Inglés
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In this course Leena will be guiding you all over the spanish peninsula. You will learn to make gazpacho from the south of Spain, tortilla from the center, paella from the coast and crema catalana and bread and tomato from the north!  You are in for some great culinary travels that will broaden your knowledge in spanish food and teach you the tricks to adapt the recipies to make them yours.


You will learn to make 

  • Gazpacho
  • Spanish tortilla
  • bread and tomato
  • Seafood paella
  • Crema catalana
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Vídeo 1


  • 15 min
Pa amb Tomàquet
Vídeo 2

Pa amb Tomàquet

  • 5 min
Spanish Tortilla
Vídeo 3

Spanish Tortilla

  • 27 min
Fish stock
Vídeo 4

Fish stock

  • 23 min
Seafood Paella
Vídeo 5

Seafood Paella

  • 31 min
Catalan cream
Vídeo 6

Catalan cream

  • 21 min

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